Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko: The crunch behind a GGG punch


Gennadiy Golovkin has been fought by three domestic boxers, four bones are broken.
Two of Matthew Macklins ribs, Martin Murrays nose and famously and critically, Kell Brooks eye socket have been damaged.
Golovkins victims speak regarding the brute force of their punches. Theres not anything smart, unlike the competitions of Vasiliy Lomachenko that explain genius and his grace. The comparison with Golovkin is crude — that he has left a trail of devastation to establish it and punches harder than everybody else.
Sergiy Derevyanchenko could be the crumpled body — he strikes Golovkin about Saturday night live on Sky Sports Action, at an IBF middleweight championship battle in Madison Square Garden, New York. Derevyanchenko is a customer that is tough but that which Golovkin brings into the ring is unique.
Your body shots he hit me with? Something popped from my stomach and it required my physio weeks to shove it back in, recalled Murray who had lasted 11 rounds in 2015.
My nose? There. I broke his nose but it didnt bend on the outside. My nose was bent by him on the interior.
I am still feeling it today. My nose hasnt been the same from the three-and-a-half years since I fought him so, once I retire, so Ill need a surgery — he should pay for it!
Murrays is not the life thats been altered because trading punches with Golovkin. Brooks orbital bone had been destroyed at a five-round defeat in 2016 as well as in his very next fight, he awakened the other eye socket against Errol Spence Jr..
it is a frequent injury you have in car crashes, as your face strikes the dash and cracks the bone at front of the face, Brooks trainer Dominic Ingle told Sky Sports at the moment.
When he got to the hospital that I feel the doctor stated that any more cries on that and it might have beennot deadly, but it may have cost you your eye-sight.
The recovery from broken ribs after a defeat in 2013 of macklin was agonising. What hurt most?
Getting up in the morning, and going back to bedcoughing and coughing!
Kazakhstans Golovkin maintained the entire world championships for eight decades after, until Danny Jacobs took him that the space, he had been on a knockout run. The flaws on his record are the draw and defeat into his great rival SaulCanelo Alvarez, each of which he or she disputes.
In the past 18 months, Vanes Martirosyan and Steve Rolls were blasted away. 35 of the 41 struggles of Golovkin have been stoppage successes.
He had a Mike Tyson-like standing, says Murray. We had the mindset that we had to get through the worst day of our life to get the very best day.
Golovkin also needed, according to the Brits using the broken bones, far more than raw power. What became impossible to resist with was he manoeuvred himself to unleash that power in so many ways.
I thought everybody he battled was beaten before they got in the ring, Murray continued. When they believed his energy they had been emotionally defeated.
I sensed his power in the first round. I thought,I can cope with this, but I had prepared myself.
But its the culmination of his range, space, the way he dismisses the ring, provides you with no more breathing distance and his punch variety. Everything got to me.
He operates out the equation when he is in the ring. He does that if he can bang out somebody. I gave the issue of a large, tight guard but he solved .
Murray now jokes that it was abit dumb to move on in the 11th round.
Macklin was aware of stories a Golovkin had left wreckage at Freddie Roachs fitness center, but took him .
He did not catch me with anything to the head, Macklin said. However, I felt the weight of his jab and a couple stiff right hands — that I knew I did not need to get hit with a large hook.
I was preoccupied which is why that he got me to the entire body.
He carried power, guy. I have never been hit like this to the body, ever. I felt bad for 30 minutes or so through pain. It was excruciating.
Over the years I had taken great body shots and been winded, but never gone . This time I could not suck it up. It had been different… only, different.
Brook had the towel following his eye socket struck, to be thrown after five rounds. The angle of the incoming blows was what harm him.
He had been weird, the way he lacked his shots, Brook said at the moment. They landed if you didnt expect him to chuck them. However, hes strong and robust, you know that youre being struck.
I have never been in with anybody with that much power. It was weird power hard to explain but its absolutely strong. Some boxers have a sharp energy, others have that compact ability and his was in the middle. All I will say is that when he strikes on you on the arm, so you know you have been struck.
Its simple looking at it and watching him throw these weird shots, but till youre in there and it is actually happening to youyou cant really prepare for this.
Will preparation help Derevyanchenko? The power thats broken bones remains although golovkin is 37.

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