Ruiz Jr vs Joshua: Anthony Joshua insists he can exploit Andy Ruiz Jr’s ‘weaknesses’


Anthony Joshua has vowed to»expose» Andy Ruiz Jr within their own world heavyweight championship rematch.
Ruiz Jr stunned Joshua to acquire the WBA, IBF and WBO titles but a fight will take place live on Sky Sports Box Office.
«A small blip shouldn’t change you as a individual,» Joshua exclusively told Sky Sports out of Saudi Arabia at a media conference on Wednesday.
«You need to stay consistent with that you are.
«I can become acquainted with him. I understand what I’m searching for. I understand what I’m capable of. I know what he’s capable of.
«I understand a few of the features he owns, and a few of the flaws. I must start exposing him a little bit more.
«The first time I had him down [in the first fight], I might have been smarter. These things you think about on mind.
«Now I meet him eye-to-eye again and again, honestly, the clock is ticking and that I begin thinking more and more regarding the fight.»
Ruiz Jr and joshua went face to face for the very first time since their fight when they reconvened from Saudi Arabia, the location of their rematch.
Ruiz Jr told Sky Sports:»He’ll bring his match, I will bring mine.
«I explained I would win, I said I would pull off an upset but nobody believed me anyhow my team.
«With that confidence and passion in you? You are likely to do it, In the event you wish to accomplish something.
«Joshua is focused to get back these straps but are I. The blood in me will [allow me to] pull it off.
«I respect Joshua. Though he probably does not like me 13, He’s a fantastic friend! But inside the ring there’ll be no respect, there will not be any friends.
«I’m always the nice man but within the ring I [imagine ] the switch and that I become’The Destroyer’.»

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