Iranian women attend World Cup 2022 qualifier to end 40-year exile


Australian girls were able to watch their national group in Tehran for the first time in 40 years past calls for all constraints to be lifted.
Iran thrashed Cambodia 14-0 in a milestone World Cup qualifier that was seen inside the Azadi Stadium by 4,000 spectators that were female.
Iranian authorities were transferred to permit a quota of tickets to be sold to girls following the shocking death of Sahar Khodayari, that became famous as theBlue Girl for her love of the European staff Esteghlal.
After being summoned to face charges in connection with her endeavor to put in a stadium khodayari put fire to herself .
The sight of girls shrouded in their flag in the stands signified a major milestone in the push away from Irans male-only policy after a 1981 ban which followed the countrys Islamic Revolution, at sporting events.
Despite an important step being taken, the movement only came after pressure with the entire governing body threatening to issue a ban to Iran when girls were refused access.
Only four segments of the stadium were allocated to supporters, who had been kept separate and under the protection of police officers.
Philip Luther, Amnesty Internationals Middle East and North Africa Director, stated before the game:Irans decision to permit a token number of girls into the arena is a cynical marketing stunt from the authorities intended to whitewash their image following the global outcry over Sahar Khodayaris tragic passing.
Anything short of a complete change of the ban on girls accessing all soccer stadiums is an insult to Sahars memory and the affront to the rights of all the women of Iran that have been courageously campaigning for the ban to be lifted.
The Australian government should lift all restrictions on women attending football matches, such as national league games, across the country.
The international community, for example world soccers governing body FIFA, should also ensure that girls are permitted to attend matches openly and without discrimination.
FIFA has a responsibility to honor human rights during its operations, and the ability under its exemptions to carry definitive and urgent action to tackle a situation which it has allowed to continue for far too long.
Iranian women have frequently cheered for years abroad on their staff .
Zahra Pashaei, a 29-year-old nurse who has just known football games from television, said:We are so pleased that finally we got the opportunity to go to the stadium. Its an astonishing feeling.
At least for me personally, 22 or 23 years of longing and sorrow lies with this.
Started the scoring in the fifth minute. Marc Wilmots side were 7-0 up by half-time, aided by Sardar Azmoun.
But Karim Ansarifard eclipsed that feat in the second period, taking his tally to four goals on the night as Iran moved top of World Cup Asian Qualifying Group C ahead of their trip on Tuesday to Bahrain.

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