Odds to Win the NL East: New York Mets


New York Mets +330

This group is pitching and not much else. That’s blown up in their face as Yoenis Cespedes might not play 2019 although the Mets are in the combination with their openness to spend on free agents and their main offseason deal was acquiring a PED user in Robinson Cano.
But man, oh man, their top three pitchers are lights-out. Jacob deGrom won the NL Cy Young Award in 2018 and they still have Noah»Thor» Syndergaard and Zack Wheeler to throw at opposing batting orders. Good pitching can normally keep you but these have a injury history and the chance of them staying fit is quite low. The Mets are not ones to sit on their hands with the roster should they struggle to begin the season, as constructed, so they could be worth a punt at +330 if you’re banking on a New York resurgence.

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